Around Our Regions: Workers at Small Buffalo Nursing Home Win Big New Contract

January 11, 2021

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 3.43.29 PM.pngWorkers at Humboldt House, a rehabilitation and nursing center in Buffalo, NY, in October settled a new contract that includes significant wage increases, enlarges the existing 10-year longevity step, and adds an additional longevity step at 30 years of service.

Humboldt House is a 173-bed independent nursing home that has served the Buffalo area for decades.

Some 200 1199SEIU members work at Humboldt House in nursing, service, maintenance, dietary and other capacities.

The new agreement also includes an increased pension contribution and an increased perfect attendance bonus. Activity Aide Lorraine Beasley says the contract improvements will also benefit workers by encouraging improved staffing and retention.

“I am hoping [we will have] more people to stay and be part of our union family. We want people to stay and build seniority,” said Beasley. “We want people to have a say in their jobs and make things better for our residents and our families.”

Housekeeping aide Jesse Favors said the contract was proof of what workers can do when they band together – even in a pandemic. “As long as we stand up together, we can fight for better improvements at work,” said Jesse Favors. Humboldt House workers ratified their new contract in October.

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