Buffalo Students Honor Healthcare Workers with Mural

September 6, 2023

July:AugMag-BuffaloStudentsMural-1.jpgA group of 9th grade students from the Buffalo Academy of Visual and Performing Arts design came together this summer to paint a mural on conference room wall at 1199SEIU’s Buffalo office.

“Two of my sisters work
in healthcare,” said 9th grade muralist, Savior Win, adding: “One is working to become a Physician Assistant and the other graduated from the University of Buffalo and is studying to be a nurse. It was a really nice coincidence because my sisters go through a lot to become healthcare workers – maybe if they were in the union, they would be more supported and less burden on them.”

Another painter, Gianna Doria, added: “In Buffalo, we have a lot of good healthcare workers who support people and get them through medical stuff. Some of my best friends got to put their drawings on the mural and that’s so cool.”