Call for Cryptocurrency mining moratorium

June 22, 2022

BitCoin_fa.jpg1199 has voted to support a moratorium on the extremely energy intensive cryptocurrency mining operations that have been rapidly increasing in New York State. As former coal and gas-fired power sources have been shuttered in Upstate New York, many of their sites have been converted into computer warehouses for cryptocurrency mining, which themselves emit tons of carbon waste —speeding up climate change.

Malcolm Olaker, an 1199SEIU nursing home member at the Pines at Poughkeepsie supported the moratorium at a coalition press conference at the State Capitol in Albany, saying:

“Many 1199 members live in the shadows of power plants and, as healthcare workers, care deeply about the air we breathe and climate change. New York state should support and encourage industries that create good jobs and contribute to the community. We strongly support this moratorium and urge New York public officials to build an economy that protects the environment and works for all New Yorkers.”

Todd Hobler, 1199SEIU Executive Vice President for Western and Upstate New York, adds: “New York is host to about 20% of all cryptocurrency mining operations in the United States. There is no public benefit to New Yorkers for using large amounts of our valuable energy resources to generate profit for a small number of wealthy private equity investors.

“As a union of healthcare workers, many of whom live in low-income communities most effected by climate change, pollution, and health inequities, we believe that ending industrial crypto mining is important to protecting the wellbeing of all New Yorkers.”

1199 Magazine: May / June 2022