Florida RN Lifts Patients Spirits with Crochet

December 17, 2023

UHealth Tonya Moore RN headshot 8-23-23.jpeg

Registered Nurse Tonya Moore not only provides quality care to patients in UHealth Tower’s 11 South oncology department, but she also crochets hats, blankets and scarves for those who could use a thoughtful gift to help lift up their spirits.

“I am a talker, so I get to know my patients well. I see a lot of them are struggling and alone, so I like to create something special for them, so they know someone cares,” said Moore, who works at the Florida facility formerly known as University of Miami Hospital. Moore understands their pain and suffering of patients battling serious illness because her 34-year-old daughter named Dominque had Lupus. After a stay at the hospital a few years ago, she died from COVID.

“I crocheted lots of items for Dominque to keep her warm since the hospital was often cold. I am still grieving her loss.” Moore says crocheting helps her heal. She also finds some comfort in her home garden that she dedicated to her late daughter. Moore’s love for crocheting came from her grandmother. She has fond memories of her grandmother telling her to pick one of her handmade crocheted gifts out of a goodie bag every time she visited.

“When I see someone wearing a hat or scarf I created, and they’re beaming, it’s so rewarding to know that I brightened their day. It’s a gesture that says someone cares and you’re not alone in your fight to survive.”