Fresenius and Walgreens Members Settle Strong Contracts

September 6, 2023

July:AugMag-FreseniusWalgreens-1.jpgMembers at kidney dialysis facilities run by Fresenius in
New York City negotiated a new contract in June dating back to 2021. Roughly 70 percent of the bargaining unit will receive immediate wage increases. Everyone else will receive 10 percent raises over the next four years. In addition, the agreement includes significantly increased minimum wage rates and a $1,500 ratification bonus.

Peggy Vujovich, a Dietitian at the Fresenius clinic in Brooklyn, who was on the bargaining committee, said: “This time around we really felt like we had a voice. We were the ones fighting for our own contract, not the lawyers. We recognized that we needed to be confident enough to fight for our rights. “We all found our voice and were able to tell management what we wanted. Other 1199 members really supported us with a visibility day, which was key. At the very next negotiation, management finally started talking about wage increases after months of stalling.”

1199 members at Walgreens pharmacies throughout New York State and in New Jersey also settled a new contract with increases for both Pharmacists and retail staff.