Home Health Aides in Buffalo Win Historic Agreement

December 17, 2023

In the first of its kind, home health aides win historic 3-year agreement with Schofield Residence near Buffalo. Home Health Aides will win union protections, increased wages, health insurance, paid time off, paid family leave, pay for in-service, layoff and recall language, dignity respect language and more. Home care workers will also receive shift differential and weekend differential as well as a paid uniform allowance each year. This victory sets a precedent for newly organized home care workers who are joining 1199SEIU to win job protections and support for the work they do to keep their clients living and thriving in their own homes.

“The new contract at Schofield solidifies scheduled pay increases and PTO (for full and part time employees) among others. This will allow me to stay part time and be able to better provide for my family while making sure I'm available when they need me without losing pay. It makes me feel validated, appreciated, hopeful, and excited to see how the working atmosphere changes with some stressors removed, or lessened at least,” said Tracy Smith, Home Health Aide.