Homecare Workers Urge American Jobs Act Passage

July 19, 2021


Hundreds of 1199SEIU homecare workers joined Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer at New York’s City Hall in lower Manhattan on May 4 to thank Senator Schumer, President Biden and their colleagues supporting the American Jobs Act. President Biden’s proposal includes $400 million over the next 10 years to help and reform the growing homecare industry. The pandemic highlighted the struggles of homecare workers who care for millions of seniors and disabled people. With explosive growth expected in the sector, homecare workers are calling for reforms to the industry that recognize their indispensable place in health care. Lilieth Clacken, a home health aide with the All Metro and Region Care agencies thanked Sen. Schumer for his unfailing support of homecare workers and urged him to fight for the passage of the American Jobs Act. “I am a mother and a grandmother.

I understand what it means to care for someone out of genuine love and concern,” said Lilieth Clacken, who often works 50-to-70 hour weeks to support herself and help with her two daughters and three grandchildren.

“Because of that, and in spite of the pandemic, I got up every day and went to work to look after this person who needs me.”

1199 Magazine - May / June 2021