Living with Loss

March 2, 2022

livingwLoss_fa.jpgWhen Kora Yaineneh, an 1199SEIU RN first arrived in the U.S. from her native Gambia in 1990, she spent a few weeks at 333 East 181st Street, in the home of Abdoulie Touray. In keeping with Gambian tradition, Yaineneh did not join her husband who had already found a job and a home in New York, until she had spent time in Touray’s house becoming oriented.

Many of her close family members settled in the building which was known locally as Touray Towers after the Gambian father figure, who had settled there in the 1970s and routinely opened his home to newcomers from his homeland.

Tragically, Yaineneh’s sister as well as her sister and brotherin- law on her husband’s side and four of her nieces and nephews perished in the blaze. Her best friend’s daughter, Sera Janneh was also amongst the victims.

After taking a few days bereavement leave, Yaineneh is back at her post at Mount Sinai Beth Israel finding solace in the nursing work that is so important to other people and their families.

1199 Magazine: January - February 2022