Member Poetry: Our Creativity Still Thrives

April 21, 2020


By Becca Rosselli




I see the headlines on the News
I watch my family’s panicked faces
An illness coming for us all
Nondiscriminatory to our races

I watch the life that I once knew
Quickly turn to shambles
We dash to the store to buy our eggs
As the worlds becoming scrambled

The shopping malls are closed
My favorite bookstore too
Their jobs are now in holding
As they try to make it through

They say they cannot stock the shelves
And toiletries an issue
In search of comfort in misplaced love
It makes me grab my tissues

We watch the numbers on tv
Growing and coming fast
We hug our families before we work

Hoping it won’t be the last

We help you because we love you
To keep you safe from harm
We were called and so we answered
To be your healing charm

The sacrifices that I’ve known I hope you never have to make
The next time I hug my daughter
Left between history and fate
There are no words that can be placed

To properly name my sorrow I only know our unity today
Will help us build tomorrow

Becca Rosselli is an LPN at Newfane Rehabilitation and Health Center in Newfane, NY.

1199 Magazine | March / April 2020