Member Rights under the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act

October 14, 2019

membersRights_fa.jpgTitle I of the LMRDA contains the Bill of Rights for members of labor organizations. The Bill of Rights guarantees union members equal rights to nominate candidates for union office, to vote in union elections or referendums, and to attend union meetings and participate in the deliberations and voting upon the business of such meetings.

Under the Bill of Rights union members are also guaranteed freedom of speech and assembly, and the right to meet and assemble freely with other members, to express views, arguments or opinions, and to express at union meetings their views on candidates for union elections or upon any business properly before the meeting—subject to each organization’s established and reasonable rules regarding the conduct of the meetings.

Additionally, the Bill of Rights guarantees members a voice in setting the union’s rates of dues, fees, and assessments.

Members are also assured other basic rights including protection of the right to sue, safeguards against improper disciplinary action from the union, the right to view copies of collective bargaining agreements, and the right to be informed of the LMRDA.

1199 Magazine | September / October 2019