Members endorse Maura Healey for MA Governor

June 22, 2022

MauraHealey_fa.jpgMaura Healey, the Attorney General of Massachusetts, has won the members’ endorsement in her bid to become the state’s next governor.

In a state where 58,000 Personal Care Attendants represented by 1199 negotiate their contracts directly with the governor’s office, the person who holds that office is very important.

The members endorsement is not just a public declaration— their support for Healey will include talking to and mobilizing coworkers, friends and family to vote for her in November.

In a meeting with members, Healey said: “I want to give a shout out to all of you because for far too long you have borne the disproportionate burden of systemic racism, of injustice and marginalization. I understand the critical importance of treating our workers around this state with dignity and respect. You will get that from me as Governor.

1199 Magazine: May / June 2022