Power Plant Members at Georgetown University Win 13.5 Percent

September 6, 2023

July:AugMag-PowerPlantMembers-1.jpgOn June 8, members who work at the ENGIE power plant at Georgetown University in Washington DC unanimously ratified a contract that raises wages by 13.5 percent over three years and codifies key safety guarantees. The contract covers Maintenance Mechanics and Power Plant Operators.

Clarence Jefferson from high voltage, who has worked at the plant for 15 years, says he’s excited about clauses in the contract regarding vehicle size and safety protocols for moving equipment: “This is very important and critical for what we need and the type of work that we do. We need to be sure that we can leave out of here the same way that we came in.”

ENGIE is a third-party organization contracted to run the power plant on Georgetown's campus.