October 14, 2022

Democracy only works if everyone takes part.

WesMoore1.pngThe political movement that 1199ers have built up over decades to protect and expand the rights of working people is now facing some of its greatest challenges. Members worked extremely hard to ensure that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were elected in 2020. But extremist Republicans who represent the interests of large corporations and billionaires—even while pretending to side with “the little guy”—will stop at nothing to turn back the clock.

That is why the Union’s battle to protect recent political wins is already in full swing across all the regions where members and retirees live. It is crucial that the Democrats hold onto control of the Congress to ensure that pro-union policies continue to be enacted.

WesMoore2.pngAnd this year, the path to holding onto the House runs straight through New York and New Jersey where the largest concentration of 1199 members live. Signing up for Weekend Warriors busses to canvass in knife-edge districts will make a crucial difference in national politics.

Alimamy Barrie, a Home Care member with the Stella Orton agency, knows the importance of knocking on fellow members’ doors to get out the vote. Canvassing in Staten Island to help Max Rose take back his Congressional seat in District 11, Barrie said, “Elections are part of everybody’s responsibility. I came out to volunteer today to get our people to vote because I know how the system works. If we don’t have a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, we won’t be able to make any more progress.”

WesMoore.jpgRebecca Johnson has worked at Spring Hills Nursing Home in Princeton, New Jersey for 21 years as a Kitchen Aide and Housekeeper. “We all need to make sure to go out and vote this time to protect our rights and make sure we get what we need for our families,” she said. “I don’t want anybody making decisions for me—and that is what happens if you don’t vote.” Johnson was canvassing in central New Jersey to help Tom Malinowski, who represents the state’s 7th Congressional district, but faces a tough battle to hold onto his seat following redistricting.

One of the many tactics in the extremist Republican playbook is to enact state-level legislation to change district maps, so that the political make up of each district is more favorable to their candidates.

Unshakeable in their mistaken belief that the 2020 election of President Joe Biden was “stolen”, these extremist Republicans are out for revenge.

1199 Magazine | September / October 2022