The Work We Do: ProTechs and Registered Nurses

May 18, 2017

1199SEIU represents tens of thousands of Professional and Technical workers and Registered Nurses.

Maurice Gray is a lead radiology technologist at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City. Gray, a delegate, impresses the need for solidarity on all 1199ers at NYU—not just those he represents as a delegate. “It’s important on my end to get people to understand that we are trying to show leadership,” says Gray. “The entire body has to come together. We are at a really crucial point in the Union, with the government and with the President of the United States. It’s almost like we have to make a new beginning.”

Lab Assistant Angela Ramos is a delegate at NYU Langone Medical Center in NYC. Lab workers at the institution recently won hard-fought battle for wage increases.

Twenty-three years ago, RN Angie Simpson started in food service at Prince George’s. Today, she’s close to completing a Masters Degree in Legal Nurse Consulting and soon, she says, she’ll become a Union delegate.

“The Union offers fairness. And that’s what nurses are: advocates. We are a voice. We speak for our patients and for our communities in the political arena. Our profession allows us to serve our communities in many different capacities.”

LPN Georgie Faison started out as a patient information coordinator at Prince George’s Hospital in Maryland seventeen years ago. She’s worked as an LPN in New Jersey before moving to Maryland, and co-workers encouraged her to renew her license.

“I enjoy nursing care and it was the encouragement of my co-workers that made me decide to to this,” she says. “I enjoy teaching others how to care for themselves and the medical aspects of things. I went to nursing school because I wanted more information about the body. And now I’m in the process of becoming a delegate because I want nurses to have more information. I want to make sure we are heard.”

1199 Magazine | March/April 2017