1199SEIU Maryland Members Announce Midterm Endorsements

October 29, 2018

1199 members interviewed numerous candidates running for elected office in Maryland. Listed below are the approved recommendations.

For members whose district is not listed or there is not recommendation, you can contact 1199SEIU Political Director Pat Lippold at patl@1199.org for help.  

1199 Member Political Organizers, Political Committee members and union Delegates will be working to urge members to register to vote and support the Union’s endorsed candidates.  To volunteer or get involved in this years Midterm Election, contact Ricarra Jones at ricarra.jones@1199.org.








Frederick County:

District 3A 
Delegate:  Karen Lewis Young  

Baltimore County:



District 8

District 10

District 11

District 42:

Delegate:  Carl Jackson

Delegate:  Benjamin Brooks, Adrienne Jones, and Jay Jalisi

Delegate:  Shelly Hettleman, Dana Stein, and Amy Blank

Delegate:  Stephen Lafferty

Senate:  Rob Johnson

Senate:  Sheldon Laskin

Baltimore and Howard Counties:

District 12

Delegate:  Eric Ebersole and Terri Hill Senate:  Clarence Lam

Howard County:


District 9

District 13

Delegate:  Shane Pendergrass and Vanessa Atterbeary
Senate: Katie Fry Hester

Montgomery County:

District 14

District 15

District 16

District 17

District 18

District 19 

District 20 

District 39

Delegate:  Anne Kaiser, Pamela Queen, and Eric Luedtke

Delegate:  David Fraser-Hidalgo and Kathleen Dumais

Delegate:  Ariana Kelly and Marc Korman

Delegate:  Kumar Barve and Jim Gilchrist

Delegate:  Alfred Carr

Delegate:  Bonnie Cullison and Maricé Morales

Delegate:  David Moon and Jheanelle Wilkins

Delegate: Kirill Reznik, Shane Robinson, and Gabriel Acevero
Senate:  Craig Zucker

Senate:  Brian Feldman

Senate:  Susan Lee

Senate:  Cheryl Kagan

Senate:  William Smith

Senate: Nancy King

Prince George's and Anne Arundel Counties:


District 21

District 30
Delegate:  Joseline Peña-Melnyk, Ben Barnes, and Mary Lehman Senate:  Jim Rosapepe

Senate: Sarah Elfreth

Prince George's County:

District 22

District 23

District 23A

District 24 

District 25

District 26

District 47A


Delegate:  Alonzo Washington, Nicole Williams, and Ashanti Martinez

Delegate:  Geraldine Valentino-Smith

Delegate:  Erek Barron, Jazz Lewis, and Latasha Ward

Delegate:  Darryl Barnes, Dereck Davis, Wala Blegay

Delegate:  Veronica Turner

Delegate: Diana Fennell, Jimmy Tarlau
Senate:  Paul Pinsky

Senate:  Doug Peters

Senate:  Joanne Benson

Senate:  Jamela Woods

Charles and Prince George's Counties:

District 27A

District 27B

Delegate: Susie Proctor

Delegate: Michael A. Jackson

Charles County:

District 28
Delegate:  Edith Patterson Senate: Arthur Ellis

Harford County

District 34A
Delegate: Mary Ann Lisanti  

Dorchester and Wicomico Counties:


District 37A
Delegate: Sheree Sample-Hughes  

Baltimore City:

District 40

District 41

District 43

District 44

District 44A

District 44B

District 45

District 46

Delegate:  Terrell Boston, Nick Mosby, and Melissa Wells

Delegate:  Bilal Ali, Sean Stinett, and Sandy Rosenberg

Delegate:  Maggie McIntosh

Delegate:  Keith Haynes

Delegate:  Charles Sydnor III and Pat Young

Delegate:  Cheryl Glenn and Stephanie Smith

Delegate:  Luke Clippinger, Robbyn Lewis, and Brooke Lierman
Senate:  Antonio Hayes

Senate:  Jill Carter

Senate:  Mary Washington

Senate:  Alethia McCaskill

Senate:  Cory McCray

Senate:  Bill Ferguson

Howard County: 
County Executive:  Calvin Ball 

Prince George’s County: 
County Executive:  Angela Alsobrooks

At- Large:  Gerron Levi
District 1:  Craig Moe
District 2:  Deni Traveras
District 4:  Todd Turner
District 9:  Tamara Brown Robinson

Montgomery County:
County Executive:  Mark Elrich

District 3:  Ben Snyder
District 4:  Nancy Navarro
District 5:  Tom Hucker

Baltimore County: 
County Executive:  Johnny Olszewski

District 1: Sheila Ruth
District 4: Julian Jones