1199SEIU members in Maryland are Celebrating Electoral Victories

May 16, 2016

1199SEIU members in Maryland are celebrating electoral victories in Baltimore City and the race for Maryland’s open Senate seat during primary elections.

Baltimore City candidates endorsed by 1199SEIU won big in primary elections, supporting a slate of insurgent and incumbent candidates for Baltimore City Council. In heavily Democratic Baltimore City, the outcome of the primary election generally determines the results of the general election in November.

“City Hall is stale. We canvassed with the new candidates and they have a lot of energy. They’re ready to make change,” said Renee Neal, an 1199 member who lives in East Baltimore and is an oxygen therapy tech at Johns Hopkins Hospital. “It’s a good look for Baltimore City.”

1199SEIU-endorsed U.S. Congressman Chris Van Hollen won the Democratic primary to become Maryland’s next U.S. Senator. 1199 committed a significant number of member volunteers and other campaign support for Van Hollen in the April 2016 primary.

“I know Chris Van Hollen will be a great senator because he listens and feels our fights and issues,” said Natina Newsome, an 1199 member and Baltimore City resident who is an environmental care worker at Johns Hopkins Hospital. “We marched with him at a Freddie Gray memorial event and he was chanting right along with us. He was taking note of everything he was going to do once he’s in office. I know he’s going to be the people’s senator.”

Members and volunteers knocked more tens of thousands of doors and sent several mail pieces to members in support of endorsed candidates.