2024 1199SEIU Maryland Legislative Victories

April 18, 2024

HB 39: The Home Care Workers Rights Act of 2024 


Sponsors: Senator Ellis and Delegate Robbyn Lewis  

Ensures that personal care aides (also known as home care workers) who work for home care agencies under certain Medicaid programs are properly classified as employees and not illegally misclassified as independent contractors.  

HB 189: The Home Care Workers Employment Act of 2024 


Sponsors: Senator Lam and Delegate Robbyn Lewis  

Requires that certain Medicaid-funded home care workers’ wage rates be publicly reported. This will allow the state to identify workers who are drastically underpaid.

Access to Care Act  


Sponsors: Delegate Cullison  

The Affordable Care Act has, since its passage in 2010, helped 28 million Americans access affordable healthcare. Unfortunately, undocumented immigrants—over 275,000 of whom live here in Maryland—are ineligible for ACA enrollment. The Access to Care Act will change that by allowing ALL income-eligible Marylanders to purchase coverage through the exchange. 

SB119: Legally Protected Health Care - Gender Affirming Treatment 


Sponsors: Senator Lam and Delegate Moon 

Ensures that gender affirming care is classified as “legally protected healthcare”. The bill also forbids state agencies and entities and provider boards from cooperating with other states’ attempts to prosecute their residents who travel to receive care in Maryland, and Maryland healthcare workers who provide those treatments.  

Housing Justice Package  


Wes Moore’s three priority housing bills passed which focus on protecting renters, building additional affordable housing, and making sure we have the capital to do that. Additionally, The Tenant Safety Act of 2024 will provide better living conditions for renters through increased access to rent escrow. 

SB 328 The Nursing Home Staffing Crisis Funding Act of 2024 


Sponsors: Senator Rosapepe and Delegate Martinez  

Requires skilled nursing homes to allocate funding from Medicaid reimbursements to increase wages and improve benefits for direct care workers.

HB 1194 Hospital Staffing Committees  


Sponsors: Senator Alonzo Washington and Delegate White  

Creates safe staffing committees in hospitals; half of committee members will be nurses and frontline caregivers. These committees will meet with management to create annual staffing plans tailored to the needs of each hospital and department.