Member Stories: Tierra Roberts, Dietary Aide, Greenhouse & Fayette Nursing Homes

July 23, 2021

TierraRoberts.jpegThis #PrideMonth, we’d like you to meet 1199er Tierra Roberts, her wife Mykia Wright, and their 4 beautiful children – Jaylen, Liam, Kylie, and Karman.

Tierra says, “I identify as a lesbian, and that means that I am proud of who I am.” Tierra and Mykia have been in a relationship for almost one year, and they both agree that they knew right away that what they have is real. “The heart wants what the heart wants,” Tierra said. Mykia added that when they met, “It was almost instant, like where have you been all my life?”

Mykia explained that sometimes, even in 2021, people don’t understand their relationship, especially when it comes to their children. She said, “Biologically or not, when you grab someone as your partner, your partner comes with everything. As long as that’s my wife and we’re together those are our children.” She further shared, “On this side of the lifestyle, it’s a battle already. So with that being said, you have to be as strong as possible, open communication, never judge a book by its cover, open your ears and listen as much as possible. Pay attention to keep your union strong.”

We wish Tierra and her beautiful family a happy anniversary!