Safe Staffing Saves Lives

June 16, 2021

Stand with nurses.

Tell Charles Regional Medical Center to commit to safe staffing.


We are the nurses who take care of you, your loved ones, friends, and neighbors at Charles Regional Medical Center. Quality patient care is our top priority! You know most of us because we are your family, friends, and neighbors. We care for our community when you need it most.



We are fighting for safe nurse-patient staffing ratios in our next contract so we can provide high-quality care to our community.

  1. The lack of staff can really take a toll on how patient care is delivered and received.
  2. As nurses, we know that every patient deserves a nurse who has the time to provide individualized, high-quality care.
  3. The current staffing situation is overwhelming and makes nurses feel unsafe, unsupported, and undervalued.
  4. Decades of research and clinical experience have demonstrated that safe staffing saves lives, decreases re-admissions, and promotes improved recovery.

But the hospital's executives refuse to agree to safe staffing, instead putting profits over patients.



We can get safe staffing for our community if we stand together. Here are two actions you can take.

Please call Noel Cervino, President & Chief Executive Officer, at (301) 609-4265 and tell him to put safe staffing numbers into the contract.

Here is a script you can use:  

“Hi, my name is __________, and I’m calling to support the nurses who are demanding safe staffing ratios in their next contract. I urge Mr. Cervino and the UMMS Board to follow the nurses’ lead on patient safety.”

Complete the form below to send an email to the University of Maryland Medical System Board and Noel Cervino, President & Chief Executive Officer. You can use the email language as-is or include your own details.