Training and Upgrading Fund Winter/Spring 2022 Semester Courses

July 26, 2021

This month the Training Fund welcomes Joshua Harrold as the new Regional Director. Mr. Harrold is a Workforce Development Professional with over 20 years’ experience. He is very excited to share his workforce development experience and knowledge to assist members in reaching your personal and professional goals.

In addition to welcoming our new Regional Director, we are now accepting applications for the Winter/Spring 2022 semester until October 15th and offering the following courses.



Registration Link 

Basic Life Support CPR 

Open Enrollment 


Virtual ServSafe 

Open Enrollment 



- Medical Terminology 
- Basic Computer Suites 
- Spanish for Medical Providers 
- Certificate End of Life Care 
- Certificate in Gerontology 
- Certificate in Nutrition 

Open Enrollment 


CE Direct 

Open Enrollment 


Cell - Ed (English as a Second Language Courses) 

Open Enrollment 


Citizenship Course & Assistance 

Open Enrollment 


Certified EKG Technician Course (Baltimore) 

July 19th – Aug. 23rd 

Certified Phlebotomy Technician Course (PG/DC) 

Aug. 2nd – 25th 

Cardiac Vascular Review Course (RN Course) 

Aug. 28th & 29th 

Vascular Access Board Certified Review 

Sept. 22nd & 26th 

CNRN Review 

Sept. 28th & 29th 

Hybrid CNA Course 

Aug. 31st- Oct. 19th 

Engaging with Older Adults (LTC Member Only)