1199 Members Respond to Proposed Layoffs at Cape Cod Healthcare

August 28, 2020

1199SEIU Vice President, Jerry Fishbein, released the following statement in response to the proposed layoffs at Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital:

“As the future remains uncertain, Cape Cod Healthcare’s decision to implement layoffs in the midst of a pandemic is difficult and disturbing. Healthcare workers at CCHC have sacrificed throughout this crisis – risking exposure and in a number of cases actually being exposed, taking furloughs, reassignments, or working overtime to accommodate for reduced staffing. Healthcare workers should not be punished at every step of this crisis. 

There is no doubt that the pandemic has cost Massachusetts hospitals and health centers hundreds of millions of dollars, which state and federal elected leaders need to address to protect quality care now and in the future. 1199SEIU members will work closely with CCHC management to try to minimize the impact of this decision, and to determine solutions that ensure patients, including those who have postponed care, have the care team they have always relied upon.