1199SEIU Nurses Ratify New Contract at Boston Medical Center

June 30, 2023

Nearly 2,000 registered nurses (RNs), nurse educators, nurse practitioners (NPs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) voted to ratify a new, three-year contract with Boston Medical Center (BMC). The 1199SEIU contract provides a minimum 10 percent wage increase for LPNs, and 20 percent for RNs, making them the highest-paid nurses in Boston at $93.65 per hour based on experience.

“From the newly graduated to those have committed their entire careers to BMC, this contract will ensure we earn wages that not only set the bar for the rest of the city, but are competitive, fair and well-deserved,” said Whitney Bobola, 1199SEIU bargaining committee member and RN. “With this contract, I have shown my young sons what hard work and determination between a group of organized people can accomplish.”

The new contract also includes public health emergency language that ensures nurses are able to help shape emergency preparedness plans. These plans will ensure nurses are at the table to reduce the spread of diseases, reduce injury, and much more, ultimately saving lives.

"The past three years have been harrowing to say the least; nurses have faced the brunt of a pandemic, staffing shortages, and burn out,” said Katlynn Campbell, 1199SEIU bargaining committee member and RN. “This contract elevates financial compensation, work life balance, and safety for every single nurse at BMC and shows them they are valued and important.”

In addition to setting new wage standards for Boston nurses, workers will also see increases in training pay to help onboard new nurses. Other benefits include creating a pathway for retiree health insurance, bilingual certification pay, incentive pay for weekends and more.

"This was a hard fought win for 1199 nurses, and we are proud of our new contract," said Kerry LaBarbera, 1199SEIU co-chapter chair and ER nurse. "We believe not only through our new wages but also through improved safety language, brand new pandemic language, and our exciting new work/life balance additions, this contract demonstrates how valued the nursing workforce is at Boston Medical Center." 

“This victory acknowledges the critical role nurses have played during the pandemic and how important they are to the future of care in Boston,” said Tim Foley, executive vice president of 1199SEIU. “We know this is just the beginning and look forward to ensuring that the rest of the care team at BMC, including patient access, technicians, social workers, and skilled maintenance, are valued too in upcoming negotiations.”