Healthcare Workers at Fenway Health Vote to Join 1199SEIU

October 5, 2023

Quincy, Mass (October 5, 2023)- Nearly 450 workers at Boston-based Fenway Health are now united in 1199SEIU, the fastest growing healthcare workers union in the state. Through an in-person and mail ballot election, workers voted to unite in 1199SEU and join a growing movement of healthcare workers organizing to protect good jobs and push back on attacks to LGBTQ+ patients.  

“I have had many positive experiences with unions and collective bargaining throughout my career. I am grateful that Fenway Health’s workers have advocated for the good of our patients, staff, and communities that we serve by unionizing. We can now work together, with everyone having a voice, to continue the legacy of Fenway’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of our LGBTQIA+ communities,” said Michele Hatchell, a curriculum development and education design specialist at Fenway Health. 

The workers who voted to join 1199SEIU include medical assistants, registered nurses, patient navigators, educators, tele-health workers, therapists, community health workers, and nurse practitioners at two clinics, the Aids Action Committee, and the Fenway Institute. 

“This vote is a critical step forward in protecting those who are on the frontlines in caring for LGBTQIA+ people, BIPOC individuals, and other underserved communities in Massachusetts during a time of increased fear and uncertainty,” said Tim Foley, 1199SEIU executive vice president. “Fenway Health caregivers will now have a seat at the table to improve their workplace and continue to provide vital services especially when gender-affirming care has been restricted in 20 states.”   

“For me, it will be wonderful to see improvements for all departments and for every Fenway employee to be given the power to advocate for us as a team,” said Wallie Moore, a medical call center representative at Fenway Health.” 

Fenway Health workers began organizing in 2022, filing for their union election in August 2023.  This union victory is just the latest in healthcare workers uniting in 1199SEIU. In March 2022, over 400 home care workers joined the union through a free and fair process agreement between 1199SEIU and Elara Caring. And 1199ers at Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts just approved their first contract in September 2023.