Home Care Workers Uniting for Good Jobs & Quality Care

April 5, 2019

Learn and Share with PCAs in Your Area for Quality Home Care

The care we provide is important. That is why PCAs are united in 1199SEIU, a healthcare workers union. Being a PCA can be isolating. Often our voices are silenced by the lack of connection between each other.

However, by uniting in 1199 we have been able to connect, strengthen our roles as caregivers, and enhance the care we provide. Over the last decade, we have made tremendous gains in our contracts including increasing wages by 38%, free education training opportunities, and more. . This is a result of our unity as 1199 members.

At this moment, PCAs are currently negotiating with the state for our sixth union contract. To build off what we’ve won before, we need you. The only way we win for each other and those we care for is if we are all united and engaged. As attacks continue on our rights as caregivers and union members, our power ensures that quality care is available even if our roles as caregivers change.

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