Important Information about MA Health Connector Open Enrollment

November 3, 2017

Below is essential information for those of you who have purchased or plan to purchase private health insurance plans through the Massachusetts Health Connector. 


If you, your family or friends currently are or would like to be insured through a Connector plan, this is for you!



Open Enrollment Period (November 1, 2017 - January 23, 2018)

The 2017 open enrollment period to apply for subsidized private health insurance through the Massachusetts Health Connector began on November 1, 2017 and will end on January 23, 2018. It is urgent and essential that you take advantage of this open enrollment period. This is especially important if your income has changed over the past year, but everyone should take this opportunity to review their current plan and decide on whether there is a better option now available. 

2018 Price Increases for Some Plans

Unfortunately, the Trump Administration made significant cuts in federal support for premium subsidies that will result in higher premiums for some individuals. Fortunately, however, the Massachusetts Health Connector has developed innovative approaches to offset these increases and maintain a $0 premium plan option for low-income individuals. 

There are still many good deals available (including fully subsidized plans with no premiums or co-pays). Many of the 2017 plans will see only very small 1-3% increases in premium costs next year and will continue to be fully subsidized for the lowest-income individuals, but now is the time to review your options and make your selections.



Enroll Now!

Everyone now has just a couple of months (November 1 – January 23) to change their insurance to a free or lower-priced option. This Open Enrollment is the only period in the year when you can freely enroll in or change health insurance plans through the Health Connector Marketplace. You should act now to:


1) Visit the Application for Health Coverage page if you want to apply for new coverage and/or explore our options.

2) On that page, you will also see the “My Account” tab. Those with existing plans should:

Double-check to make sure that your current plan is still the lowest-cost option for you; and

Decide if you are happy with your current plan, or switch to a different plan; and

If you do decide to switch to a different plan because it is now lower-cost or for any other reasons, you should also double-check to make sure that your doctor is included in that new plan’s network.

3) For more information and individual assistance, visit the Connector Help Center website or call the Connector’s Customer Service Call Center at 1 (866)-623-6765. There are also walk-in assistance centers in Boston, Springfield and Worcester. Click here for all of your contact options.


Important Note: It is very important to file your 2017 taxes in order to take advantage of federal tax credits that are still available for some low-income individuals. This is true whether you owe additional taxes or are already eligible for a refund.

Throughout this enrollment period, we know 1199ers can help each other make it the smoothest process possible.