Statement Re: President Obama’s Granting of Clemency

December 20, 2016

"We thank President Obama for the pardons and clemencies he issued this week and throughout his years in office. The steps taken by the Administration to consistently grant these pardons is a much needed relief to our communities and their families. Now, 1199SEIU healthcare workers are standing together to urge the President to go one step further by granting pardons to legal resident immigrants convicted of minor, low level offenses which would protect them from possible deportation. In many cases, these offenses are very minor, such as jumping a turnstile, and occurred decades ago. Without a pardon, these members of our communities face possible deportation, breaking up their families, all as a result of minor crimes for which a debt has been long paid. We ask President Obama to ensure immigrants do not face the same sentence twice – once through the criminal justice system, and again through the immigration consequences.”
- Maria Castaneda, Secretary-Treasurer of 1199SEIU