Statement from Tim Foley, 1199SEIU Executive Vice President, on the Future of Steward Healthcare

January 19, 2024


“The healthcare workers of 1199SEIU members are gravely concerned about the future of Steward Healthcare in Massachusetts. 1199SEIU members have been consistently raising concerns regarding the real and deeply concerning financial pressures and management across the Steward Healthcare system, which has put caregivers in precarious positions and impacts access to patient care. The care provided by 1199 members and their co-workers is critically important to the communities they serve, sometimes being the only hospital in the area for patients. We must ensure these critical community hospitals remain open to continue to provide care in our communities and to protect critical healthcare jobs. Given the current hospital capacity and staffing issues, our healthcare system simply cannot allow these hospitals to close. We stand ready to work with the Healey-Driscoll administration, the Massachusetts legislature, and all stakeholders to ensure that Massachusetts patients can continue to receive quality care in their community.”