1199SEIU Healthcare Workers At Brooks-TLC Hospital System In Dunkirk Overwhelmingly Ratify Three-Year Agreement

July 5, 2023

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, July 5, 2023
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Southern Tier Hospital Workers Win Up To 18% Wage Increases, Preceptor Pay, Pension Increases & More


Buffalo, NY - More than 150 hospitals workers at Brooks-TLC Hospital System, Inc. in the Southern Tier are celebrating a new three-year contract. Union workers are represented by 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East.

The new three-year deal includes up to 18% in wage increases for union healthcare workers. Dietary, Environmental Service Workers, and several other job titles will get an 8% wage increase in the first year, all other titles will get 5% in the first year, 5% in the second year and another 5% in the third year of the agreement. In recognition of years of service and dedication, employees with 25 years of service at the rural facility will see an additional 3% wage increase.

Multiple job titles within the S-grades will now have an additional wage step as well as the general wage increase. Job grades S2-S5 will receive an additional 8% increase which includes Registered Nurses at the Gowanda Urgent Care Center.

“It was a fair and mutual agreement between management and the union members. With this new contract, our wages and benefits are now more competitive with area hospitals,” Jill Feinen, Mammography Technologist.

Designated caregivers who provide training will get an additional $1.50 per hour in preceptor pay. The employer, under the mandation language will provide double time to workers who pick up and fill known vacancies and call-offs to ensure adequate staffing levels at the rural facility. In addition, caregivers will get shift differential for evenings and nights. Union members also won employer provided pension increases in each year of the agreement.

Union healthcare workers covered by the three-year agreement at Brooks TLC Hospital System in Dunkirk work as Service & Maintenance and Technical Workers as well as Registered Nurses at Gowanda Urgent Care Center.

The agreement runs through April 30, 2026.


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