1199SEIU Members Celebrate New Collective Bargaining Agreements At All Loretto Locations

July 18, 2023

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PRESS RELEASE: Monday, July 17, 2023
Contact: April.Ezzell@1199.org, 1199SEIU Communications (716) 449-1620

More than 1,000 healthcare workers in Syracuse and Auburn will receive significant wage increases as Loretto looks to improve post-COVID retention and recruitment of qualified staff at one of Central New York’s largest employers.


Commons at St Anthony.jpgLoretto employs more than one-thousand Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Certified Home Health Aides, Housekeepers, Unit Secretaries, Maintenance Workers, Drivers, Advanced Meal Workers and other healthcare job titles. Healthcare workers are represented by 1199SEIU, United Healthcare Workers East.

This month and late last month, union members at all Loretto locations in Syracuse, NY and at The Commons on St. Anthony in Auburn, NY voted overwhelmingly to ratify new three-year collective bargaining agreements. The agreements retain the existing pension, health insurance, education/training benefits, and increases wages across-the-board by 4% each year of the contract, totaling 12%.

Healthcare Workers Review Agreement.jpg“With everything going on we really needed good news,” said Kristina Dean, Certified Nurse Assistant at The Commons on St. Anthony. “So very happy and proud to say that my coworkers and I got the acknowledgement we have been waiting for quite some time! Our union went above and beyond to make sure the workers got what we deserved,” said Dean.

“I’ve worked here for 35 years and this is the best contract I have ever had,” said Melissa Hughes, Certified Nurse Assistant. “These are the kinds of benefits that make people valued and appreciated and that goes a long way when they are deciding if they should stay here doing this work or go find something else.”

As a part of the new 3-year labor deal, healthcare workers will see increases to longevity bonuses, shift differentials, uniform allowance, and increased start rates will place Loretto at the top spot compared to other nursing homes in the region.

Going forward, start rates for newly hired union workers at Loretto will increase to $17.50 per hour for Dietary/Housekeeping, $22 per hour for Certified Nurse Assistants, $31 per hour for Licensed Practical Nurses, $19.50 per hour for Home Health Aide (Geriatric Caregiver), and $22 per hour for Maintenance. The higher start rates will help to improve recruitment at the facilities.

“1199SEIU and Loretto were able to come together around our shared commitment to overcoming healthcare worker recruitment issues and the crisis that they were facing,” said Benita Thompson, 1199SEIU Organizer. “We know that residents and patients do best when we are fully staffed and caregivers stick around,” said Thompson.

The new 3-year deal covering more than 1,000 unionized healthcare workers runs through Summer 2026.


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