1199SEIU Statement Condemning Racist Attacks Against Asian-Americans

March 16, 2021

New York, NY - 119SEIU President George Gresham has released the following statement regarding recent racially motivated attacks against members of the Asian-American community:

“The recent attacks on members of the Asian-American community reflect a sad history of racial ignorance and discrimination in our nation. No one should ever be targeted for violence, but when race is the impetus, it shows a lack of humanity, compassion, and respect for the diversity that helps make our nation so dynamic.


“1199SEIU remains committed to fighting for the rights of each and every worker, and in that, we also believe that workers of all races and creeds deserve respect and dignity. It is imperative that we learn to celebrate our differences as strengths we can use to unite as workers, and commit to improving our nation for all people.”