1199SEIU Statement on Cryptocurrency Mining’s Destructive Environmental and Health Impacts in New York

April 28, 2022


Contact: Bryn Lloyd-Bollard, bryn.lloydbollard@1199.org | 732-606-5949

Statement of Todd Hobler, 1199SEIU Executive Vice President for Western and Upstate New York:

“The explosion of cryptocurrency mining projects in communities across New York threatens the air we breathe, the water we drink, our climate, our ecosystems and biodiversity. There is no public benefit to New Yorkers for using large amounts of our valuable energy resources to generate profit for a small number of wealthy private equity investors.

“New York is host to about 20% of all cryptocurrency mining operations in the United States. This speaks to the need for swift action at local and state levels to reign in this industry and ensure we do not worsen a climate and ecological crisis that is already at a tipping point.

“As a union of healthcare workers, many of whom live in low-income communities most effected by climate change, pollution, and health inequities, we believe that ending industrial cryptomining is important to protecting the wellbeing of all New Yorkers.”


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