May 30, 2020



Contact: Mindy Berman | 518.229.0486

Members of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East say that the administration is making it impossible for them to continue to work at Nathan Littauer

WHEN/WHERE: Monday, June 1 2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.
In front of hospital, 99 East State St, Gloversville

The picket will follow all public health laws that have been instituted during the pandemic. All participants will be wearing masks and will be standing at least 6 ft to 10 ft apart. Photo opportunities and interviews will be available at the site, however, under the circumstances of the pandemic and social distancing rules, it may not be possible to interview the participants face to face. 1199SEIU will arrange phone/Zoom/etc. interviews by request, either before or after the picket. (518.229.0486 )

WHAT: Hospital and nursing home staff, including but not limited to nursing assistants, housekeeping, dietary and food service workers, orderlies, maintenance mechanics and laboratory, pharmacy, clinical, respiratory and surgical technicians, all members of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, will hold an informational picket to inform the community about short-staffing and Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home (NLHNH) administration’s refusal to address the problem in contract negotiations.

The workers have been in contract negotiations with their employer for almost a year. According to 1199SEIU Negotiating Committee members, the foundation of their contract proposals ensures that Nathan Littauer can retain and recruit an exemplary and stable workforce, so that the hospital and nursing home are safely staffed and that the community can receive the best possible quality care. But, the administration continues to offer below market wages and increased healthcare costs. The workers are concerned that the employer’s proposals will make an already short-staffing situation worse by discouraging qualified healthcare workers from coming to Nathan Littauer and staying; in fact, their proposals appear to be contradictory to improving short-staffing and quality patient care.


“Management is not only taking away from us, but also our families. They expect us to pay more for our health insurance, which is just not feasible when the cost of living is increasing and our pay rate is nowhere near market value. So, we’ll be bringing home less money than we are today. I will not be able to afford my bills or support my family.

Also, in their proposal, retirement age will be pushed out even longer, with another pension freeze; we already had a pension freeze in our 2012-2015 contract. They are making it impossible for us to continue to work at Nathan Littauer. My co-workers and I have no choice but to look elsewhere for work. And who is going to want to work here? That’s the reason we are already short-staffed.”

Care and services will not be interrupted during the picket. Participants will be on the line on their own time; a break or their time off.

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