Long Island Planned Parenthood Staff Join 1199SEIU

April 18, 2024


Driven by their commitment to providing quality care for their patients, workers at two Planned Parenthood of Greater New York (“PPGNY”) sites in Long Island joined 1199SEIU, the largest and fastest growing healthcare union in New York.

“Forming our union gives us a stronger voice to advocate for what we need to do our jobs, especially as we get more responsibilities. 1199SEIU empowers us to better show up for our coworkers and the people and communities we serve” said Erica D. a registered nurse at Planned Parenthood. 

At a time when reproductive freedom and abortion rights are under attack around the country, the community health center workers at the Hempstead and Massapequa PPGNY clinics decided to seek union representation to ensure they have a voice in carrying out Planned Parenthood’s mission. In response to workers’ interest, PPGNY leadership and 1199SEIU entered into an agreement to resolve the issue of union representation without disruption.

“I am excited to join 1199SEIU because it's important that we have support to help our patients,” said Angie P. who has worked as a patient care associate for eight years at Planned Parenthood. 

45 workers including nurse practitioners, patient care associates, and registered nurses, won certification of their union yesterday.

The Nassau County staff are the latest group of Planned Parenthood workers to join the nearly a thousand Planned Parenthood workers who are already SEIU members in New York, Maine, Washington D.C., and Colorado.