Nursing Home Workers Overwhelmingly Ratify 2-Year Contract With Weinberg Campus Despite Pending Sale To Elderwood

December 27, 2021


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Caregivers are now the highest paid nursing home workers in Western New York pending Elderwood’s approval of contract

Getzville, NY – More than 200 nursing home workers at Weinberg Campus in Getzville are celebrating a big victory this holiday season instead of picketing. Workers were able to reach a two-year agreement with Weinberg Campus late last Monday, December 13 narrowly avoiding an informational picket that was scheduled for Wednesday, December 15. Instead of picketing, workers held a ratification vote to review details of the agreement and to cast their ballots to overwhelmingly ratify the two-year deal that includes significant wage increases with a new wage scale for experience, improved pension contributions, higher starting rates, additional paid Juneteenth holiday, and more. Caregivers are represented by 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East.

The two-year contract with Weinberg Campus includes wage increases averaging 23% in the first year of the contract retro-active to November 1, 2021. Wage increases are an additional 3-4% in 2022. These contracted wage increases make Weinberg Campus workers the highest paid unionized nursing home caregivers in Western New York.

“The wage increase that we will receive is phenomenal and gives us a chance to bring in new quality people to help lighten our workload and so we can focus on providing quality care to our residents” says Toni Banks, Housekeeper at Weinberg Campus for 11 years. “The workers stood together and we won the highest wages in Western New York. If you have a passion to work in this field, these wages are a door opener,” says Banks.

The agreement also provides increases in employer provided pension contributions, increased paid time off buy-out, and Juneteenth as an additional paid holiday. Workers won a 6% increase to their pension. These improvements are a big win for part-time workers who become eligible after working 750 hours.

“Many of our members nearing retirement age are very happy with the pension contributions,” says Banks. “They really played hardball with us, but we stood our ground to get what we deserved! Any increase was better than nothing, but this was a good increase and we are looking forward to 2022,” says Banks.

Workers stood together to demand their voices be heard! Caregivers participated in several job actions inside and outside of the facility to demand a fair contract that could help to recruit and retain workers to provide quality care for residents. Union members participated in press conferences, sticker days, phone banking, and held a march on the boss to deliver their notice to picket.

Caregivers are highest paid unionized nursing home workers in Western New York and these higher wages should help to recruit and retain staff to provide quality care to residents. New starting rates for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) is $24 an hour, Certified Nurse Assistants start at $16.50 per hour and all service jobs such as Cook, Environmental Services, Housekeeping are all above $15 an hour. “These rates will get new people to come in, the old rate wasn’t competitive,” says Timothy Hicks, a Maintenance Technician at Weinberg for 9 years. “This is a huge jump in pay, since we were earning well below what a Maintenance Technician would earn per hour. Now we can continue to provide quality services for our residents in their homes, but also provide better for our families,” says Hicks.

“It’s been a long time coming and now these workers have some sense of security for the next two years, including excellent wages and benefits,” says Darlene Gates, 1199SEIU Organizer. “These wages set a standard for union healthcare workers in our area. These dedicated nursing home workers stood up to fight for what they deserved, and they won big! When workers stand together and speak up, they are unstoppable. This victory gives workers security for the next two years while the sale of the home is still pending. It’s a wonderful way for everyone to celebrate this holiday season,” says Gates.

The two-year contract with Weinberg Campus runs through October 31, 2023. The sale of Weinberg Campus to Elderwood is still pending. Despite union members ratifying the agreement last week, Elderwood officials must approve before wage rates go into effect. “We are hopeful that Elderwood will do the right thing and approve the agreement so workers can get their raises during the holiday season,” says Gates.

Caregivers at Weinberg Campus are Food Service Workers, Maintenance Workers, Cooks, Environmental Service Workers, Housekeeping, Certified Nurse Assistants, Licensed Practical Nurses, Personal Care Aides, Clerical Workers, Home Health Aides, and Community Home Health Aides.


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