Pres. Gresham: Pantaleo’s Firing Sends A Clear Message that Excessive Force and Police Brutality Have No Place in Our City

August 19, 2019

New York, NY - 1199SEIU President George Gresham today released the following statement regarding the NYPD’s announcement of the firing of Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the 2014 killing of Eric Garner:

“Five years ago, the Garner Family lost a son, husband, and father at the hands of Officer Daniel Pantaleo. I commend the NYPD for the decision to fire Pantaleo and send a clear message that excessive force and police brutality have no place in our city.

“It is my sincere hope that today’s announcement brings healing to the Garner family, in the knowledge that their tax dollars will no longer be used to benefit the man who killed their loved one. Today, on behalf of the 450,000 caregivers of 1199SEIU, I affirm our union's dedication to the fight for equal justice in every community.