Standing Up for Patient Choice and Safety Net Hospitals

June 14, 2019


The New York State Legislature is considering a bill which, if enacted, would limit patient hospital choice and hurt hospital systems serving vulnerable patients while padding the pockets of for profit insurance companies.

The bill  (A.264-B/S.3171A), sponsored by Senator Liz Kruger and Assemblymember Kevin Cahill, would make it easier for insurance companies to keep hospitals out of network by allowing insurance companies to pay what they deem "reasonable" for out of network care.  Patients are already protected from additional out of network charges.

“When patients are in need of medical care, the last thing they should have to worry about is whether or not a facility accepts their insurance,” said Gabby Seay, Political Director of 1199SEIU. “This legislation makes it much easier for insurance companies to keep hospitals out of network, limiting choice for consumers.  This comes down to a question of what is more important to New York State – quality patient care or insurance company profits. We are calling on the State to do the right thing by protecting access to patient care.”

Many community residents rely on their local hospitals to provide quality care, and through this legislation, these facilities could face significant losses.  The measure is currently awaiting consideration by the New York State Senate, and approval would spell bad news for our vulnerable healthcare providers.

Want to help?  Call your state senator to tell them to vote no on A.264-B/S.3171A.