Statement from 1199SEIU’s Roxey Nelson calling for a special election in Florida Senate District 37

March 18, 2021

Media contact: Ed Gilhuly | 305-807-6906 |

Roxey_Nelson_feat.jpg“A special election must be called by the governor for Florida Senate District 37 because it’s so blatantly clear that the November race was corrupted and stolen with dirty political tricks. Voters in South Florida deserve to have their voices honestly heard in a free and fair election, and should be furious about this obvious perversion of democracy.”

“Shady partisan operatives who commit crimes like this have no respect for voters, democracy, patriotism or any ideals we all should value. It’s especially galling when the offenders are so shameless about it, even bragging. This is indisputable political thuggery which the governor has two choices: to sadly be part of this actual and glaring voter fraud, or to sincerely fix it with a special election.”

Roxey Nelson is Vice President, Politics & Strategic Campaigns for the 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East union, which represents more than 25,000 active and retired nurses and other healthcare workers throughout Florida.