1199SEIU Celebrates International Womens Day

March 12, 2018

1199SEIU members and their guests packed the Union’s Davis/Cherkasky Penthouse in Manhattan on March 9 for an evening panel discussion of sexual harassment in the workplace, workplace safety, sexual assault treatment and recovery, and worker’s rights. Hosted by the 1199SEIU Women’s Caucus, the event sought to provide a forum for discussion and solution-oriented access to expertise. 1199SEIU Sec. Treasurer Maria Castaneda welcomed attendees, who included Union members and staff, along with numerous friends and family members. “As a Union that represents a membership that’s a majority of women, celebrating women is very important,” said Castaneda. “Our fight for respect and dignity is everyone’s fight and we need each other to continue that struggle.” Assemblywoman Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes (NY141-D) was evening’s keynote speaker. She encouraged attendees to continue their work organizing and building communities. People’s-Stokes heads the NYS Legislative Women’s Caucus and Assembly Governmental Operations Committee. In her remarks, Peoples-Stokes stressed the need for women to look after their health and wellness. “Strong women build strong communities,” she said. 1199SEIU Pres. George Gresham praised women’s creativity and ingenuity, especially during lean times. “As far as I can think back in my life, there was never a question of who ran the budget, who ran the house. And when I think of our members and how they manage a household on such meager earnings. It’s truly amazing.” Retiree Carolyn Smith said the event was timely and welcome, and reflected the women’s movement in today’s society. “I believe this is the year of the woman,” said Smith. “I believe we are finally breaking away from the old boy’s network.”