COVID-19 Information and Resources

March 25, 2020

UPDATED: April 02, 2020 | 4:04 p.m.

Sign our petition to get more PPE!:

The Trump Administration can and must immediately invoke the Defense Production Act to manufacture much needed equipment, and release PPE from the Strategic Defense Stockpile. Essential workers lives’ are on the line! #GetMePPE



MARYLAND information & resources

District of Columbia information & resources


1199SEIU is committed to making sure that you are informed, safe, and properly compensated as we respond to COVID-19. This document will be continually updated to keep you informed.


Although our Union Halls are closed until further notice, our union is working, and we are here for you!

We are currently working with elected officials and employers to ensure that you have the child care, transportation, pay, benefits, sick leave, and PPE equipment that you need.

Please contact your Delegate or organizer with questions, concerns, and/or issues. Not sure who your Delegate or organizer is? Email

For questions or concerns about the coronavirus, you can also email


The Center for Disease Control (CDC)

10 Steps to Prevent COVID-19

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Creole | Chinese

Russian | Vietnamese | Brazilian Portugese

Fact Sheet for Healthcare Workers:

English & Spanish

Union Staff & Delegate Checklist

Caring for people with COVID-19

Nursing home preparedness checklist from the CDC