Hudson Valley/Capital Region Winter Newsletter

March 8, 2018

Winter-2018--HVCAPnewsletter_fa.jpgIt is a fact that we are facing well-funded efforts by extremist billionaires who are trying to block our ability to join unions and collectively bargain. (LINK to the RTW) The good news is that 1199SEIU members in the Hudson Valley and Capital Region have been active, building our chapters and building our union. Standing together with our 1199 co-workers and making our voices heard is one of the best ways we can push back the efforts of those who would diminish the power of working people and our families, for their own personal greed. It has been an exciting few months in our region. Take a look at some of our victories, our struggles and our actions here:

- Hudson Valley/Capital Region Winter Newsletter

We’re celebrating the victories—and organizing to move forward.