Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support

August 21, 2017

Monday and Tuesday, October 15 & 16, 2018

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
8900 Van Wyck Expressway
4th Floor
Jamaica, NY 11541

Purpose: The PALS Full Provider Course Program is designed to provide healthcare professionals the essential knowledge and skills for a successful resuscitation of an adult patient by performing BLS and ACLS based on the AHA 2005 guidelines.

Program Highlights:

• BLS Practice & Competency Testing
• Management of Respiratory Emergencies
• Rhythm Disturbances/Electrical Therapy
• Vascular Access
• Resuscitation Team Concept
• Overview of Pediatric Assessment
• Overview of Learning Stations
• Core Case Discussions/Core Case Simulations
• Course Summary and Testing Details
• Written Exam

Prerequisites required for taking PALS through 1199 Office of Continuing Education

• All registrants must have knowledge of basic EKG rhythm strip interpretation or work in an area caring for patients requiring cardiac monitoring on a daily basis. It is required that you have taken Basic EKG & 12 Lead EKG before taking this course.
• All registrants must be able to attend the complete program on both days from 8AM to 5PM. Participants must arrive between 7:30 AM and 7:50 AM to check-in. No one is allowed to enter the class once it begins.
• All registrants must have and bring to class a current American Heart Association BLS Provider Card.
• All registrants who are registering to take this class free must be a current employee of and 1199 hospital where the employer contributes to the RN Training and Job Security Fund. You must be able to present proof of current membership (current, dated hospital photo ID). You must produce your current Id on the first day of the class before you will be permitted to enter the class.
BOOK FOR CLASS: All registrants must call Jamaica Hospital (718-206-8050) to arrange to purchase the text (cost: $45) within five days of the class. If you have a book which you think might be appropriate, please contact Jamaica to be sure you have the right EDITION. Reimbursement for the book will be made in a timely manner after successfully completing the course AND with the presentation of the ORIGINAL receipt of purchase. Participants will need to get their text at least two weeks in advance in order to prepare for this course. If you do not have the current appropriate edition, you will not be allowed to take the class. Nurses who do not qualify for this free class will not be eligible for reimbursement for the cost of their books.

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For directions and instructions for picking up your text book: Call (718)206-8050

For registration information: Tamyre Cunningham (212)857-4315.