Stand United With 1199!

September 13, 2016

After 1199SEIU healthcare workers fought long and hard to negotiate some of the best wages and benefits in New York, management wants to turn back the clock so they can claw back many of our gains.

We must unite with our sisters and brothers in hospitals across the greater NYC area so that we have the strongest voice, we cannot allow NYU to divide and conquer.

Working at NYU under the League has given us the strength to negotiate:

1) No cost healthcare and prescriptions,
2) Annual pay increases,
3) Job security,
4) No cost and heavily-subsidized continuing education,
5) Vested in Pension fund after five years,
6) Child care and summer camp for teenagers,
7) Affordable low interest mortgages from reliable lenders,
8) Citizenship counseling, legal advice and preparation

And much more!

For details of all the benefits the League contract provides click here.