Working People Voted for an America for All!

November 12, 2020

We have a new President and Vice-President-Elect, and their names are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! In the midst of a global pandemic, your hard work, dedication, and determination for change gave birth to a mandate for an America that works for all working people.

You texted, and made calls, and spoke with your co-workers, family, and friends about the importance of voting for new leadership for America, all while continuing to provide critical care for your patients. This victory belongs to each and every 1199er.

You chose to support a candidate with an established record of fighting for working people, over a President who chose to play golf while you battled a deadly pandemic. In this election, you voted for an end to the hatred and xenophobia that have plagued our nation for generations, but was fully exposed through a Trump presidency.

You voted for increased access to healthcare, for the right for more Americans to join a union for a real voice on the job, and to protect our communities from systemic and senseless brutality at the hands of the police. You voted for a path to citizenship for your loved ones, and for clean air and water so future generations can thrive.

Today we celebrate, but tomorrow we begin the work of creating a mandate for the Biden Administration. There is power in our votes and in our voices, and now we must harness that power to create the change we need in our communities and on our jobs.

We are a nation divided, but as healthcare workers, we know how to assist the healing process. We know how to help make broken things new. The path to a more perfect union must begin with us, and we are ready for the challenge of leading the way.

In Unity & Hope,

George Gresham