NYS Assembly Member Sean Ryan Wins Big in Primary

September 19, 2012

NY State Assemblymember Sean Ryan spoke at the 1199 Delegate Assembly in Buffalo on primary election night. “I would like to thank 1199SEIU,” he said. “The hard-working people of 1199 know how to do it! They don’t just give a check or take a photo, they get into the fight and make calls, talk to their co-workers, and knock on doors. That’s how you win elections. Your help has been vital for our campaign this election.”

Ryan does not have a republican candidate in general election, however will be facing conservative party candidate Joe Mascia in November.

“Sean Ryan has proven to be a strong advocate for healthcare, standing up for our residents and patients, workers and hospitals and nursing homes,” said Darlene Gates, 1199 delegate and employee at Weinberg Campus. “I’m glad we have Sean fighting for us.”

“I will continue my efforts and vow to work with 1199 SEIU in helping to re-elect our President in November, I look forward to continuing to work with 1199 to do what’s right for our communities. Together, we can win this November,” says Ryan.

If you are interested in working with 1199 SEIU and Assembly member Sean Ryan to help re-elect President Obama, please contact Maurice Brown at 716-995-3702.