1199 Testifies at Maryland Climate Hearing

January 1, 1970

1199's commitment to the fight for environmental justice continued this week with our participation at a public meeting held on July 14 by the Maryland Climate Change Commission.During the meeting, approximately 50 concerned citizens and activist groups were updated on Maryland’s progress addressing the serious issue of climate change. In 2009, the General Assembly passed the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act (GGRA), which required significant statewide reductions in the greenhouse gas emissions that pose a critical risk to our climate and our health.1199SEIU research analyst Girume Ashenafi was among the attendees who testified at the meeting, calling for 25% clean electricity consumption by the year 2020 and commending Baltimore’s recently announced initiative to install solar arrays and cool roofs on local homes and a community center while providing “green” jobs to residents.“The public health effects of climate change fall disproportionately on Maryland’s communities of color and poorest communities, which suffer from more polluted air and higher rates of breathing problems,” Ashenafi said. “For us, fighting climate change is about fighting social injustice.”- See more at: http://www.1199seiu.org/1199_testifies_at_maryland_climate_hearing#sthash.mwFVp20n.dpuf