Floridians Demand Healthcare Expansion at Palm Beach and Broward Town Halls

January 1, 1970

Every seat was full with standing room only at two recent town halls on healthcare expansion in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. The resounding message to Florida legislators from more than 500 everyday Floridians, small business owners, healthcare professionals and seniors who attended the town halls: pass healthcare expansion now for the 1.2 million hardworking Floridians who cannot afford health insurance!

“Usually the chamber of commerce and the unions don’t agree, but this time they do,” said Betsy Marville, a nurse and a member of 1199SEIU who spoke during public comment at the Palm Beach County Legislative Delegation Town Hall, as reported by the Palm Beach Post. “Everybody but a small group of people agree this is a great idea.”

Watch the following video to hear some of the heart-wrenching personal stories shared at the Broward County Town Hall on Healthcare Expansion, including an update from Marcia Ridgell, a registered nurse and 1199SEIU Florida political delegate who was in attendance: