President Gresham on The Texas v. Azar Fifth Circuit Decision

December 20, 2019

1199 President George Gresham released the following statement regarding the Texas v. Azar Fifth Circuit court decision:

The Texas v. Azar Fifth Circuit decision is yet another example of the Trump administration’s vicious desire to strip working Americans of the rights and resources that allow them to live with dignity in an ever-changing economy.

Each and every day, 1199SEIU members provide critical care to families who rely on the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. From the senior relying on daily in-home care, to the parent of a child born with a terminal illness, to the healthcare worker, whose quality care helps provide a dignified living for his or her family, access to affordable healthcare is a lifeline for millions of Americans.

This war on healthcare affects us all, and 1199SEIU is committed to fighting back against this and all other attempts to strip American families of access to care.

As we look ahead to 2020, we are determined to keep healthcare for all as a mandate for any candidate seeking to replace Donald Trump in the White House, and to use the voting booth to hold those who support efforts to end the ACA accountable.