1199SEIU Nurses at Auburn Community Hospital Settle Contract, Win Safe Staffing

November 1, 2017

A statement from Ken Spurgeon, R.N. at Auburn Community Hospital and 1199SEIU Vice Chair:

"After months of negotiations between management and 1199SEIU, nurses at Auburn Community Hospital have ratified a new contract.

The focus on patient care became clear early in these meetings and together we have reached an agreement that will continue to keep the patient's needs our number one priority at ACH.

Management has recognized the value in retention and recruitment of quality nursing care for patients. In light of that, a joint committee of managers and staff will gather routinely in an effort to ensure we our meeting the needs of OUR community.

We are pleased that management also agreed that better patient/nurse ratios result in better patient care and outcomes. We applaud their efforts in working towards this very important goal.

We look forward to continuing this collaborative relationship to provide a quality hospital for our community.

We would be remiss if we did not thank the community the city council and the county legislature for all their support ! Thank you!"