Federal Cuts To Medicaid Will Have A Devastating Impact For Seniors and Working Families

March 17, 2017

Media Advisory

For Immediate Release: March 17, 2017

Contact: Sarah Couch | 518.376.9449 | Sara.Couch@1199funds.org | http://newyorkersforhealthcare.org/

‘The latest health care legislation being considered by Congress will decimate Medicaid funding and result in millions of Americans losing their health insurance. It would slash healthcare dollars for seniors, low-income people, and others who depend on Medicaid for crucial life-saving services -- in order to give a massive tax break to the wealthy and corporations.’

Alarmed by the draconian cuts to the Medicaid program contained in the American Healthcare Act, Hudson Valley healthcare advocates, workers and elected officials are coming together to highlight the importance of Medicaid funding to ordinary and extraordinary New Yorkers and to urge members of Congress to oppose the act.

When: Friday, March 17 at 12 noon

Where: Ulster County Courthouse
285 Wall St., Kingston

Who: Representatives from the Healthcare Education Project, Mike Hein, Ulster County Executive; Kelly McMullen, Ulster County Director, Office for the Aging; Joe Stelling, AARP, and more

AARP New York State Director Beth Finkel:

“This special interest health care bill would cost older Americans more, endanger Medicare’s guaranteed benefits and cut valuable services that help people age safely in their own homes. Yet it gives tax breaks to drug and insurance companies and the wealthiest Americans. In short, it shifts the burden of paying for health care onto the middle class and others least able to afford it: older and lower-income Americans. AARP New York urges our congressional representatives to fight for lower prescription drug costs and oppose this dangerous proposal, which threatens so many Americans’ health care. We stand ready to work with both parties to put Americans’ health care – and not special interests - first.”

Addie Davis, Certified Nursing Assistant, Mountain View Nursing Home:

“Cuts to Medicaid will be a disaster for all the people who depend on Medicaid and it will hit the nursing home residents I work with especially hard. We need to fight for our frail and elderly nursing home residents and others who can’t advocate for themselves. While today I’m lucky enough to be a union member with health benefits, many working adults don't make enough to pay for health care, and their employers do not provide coverage. Medicaid is a lifeline for people who have no other resort. Allowing this bill to pass is a very bad decision that will hurt individuals, families and entire communities.”

In the days and weeks ahead, look for #BecauseOfMedicaid on social media platforms.

Impact of The latest health care legislation CD 19:

• 47,350 working adults will lose their coverage entirely
• 137,902 low-income seniors, people with disabilities, children, and parents will face unprecedented cuts in services
• Thousands suffering from mental health and substance use disorders will no longer have access to treatment