See it, Report it! Tenet Employees Join The Safety Team

July 6, 2016

As 1199 caregivers, the safety of our patients and residents is our number one priority. When the staffing levels or any other situation at our departments concern us, we "see it and report it".

Until now, reporting issues at our hospitals wasn't that easy. But this year our Tenet team is testing a new way to report issues online within the reach of your phone, and it's working great! Now it's easier for Tenet employees to join the safety team.

How does it work? It's very simple!

1. Whenever we see a concerning involving our patients or ourselves, we accept our Assignment Despite Objection (ADO). This means that we don't stop doing our job, but instead we raise a flag so our supervisors and coworkers are aware of the issue and we can work together to address it.

2. We fill out an ADO Form on our phone. Yes, you read it right: ON OUR PHONE! All we need to do is text the word "staffing" to the number 30644 and we get the link to the form to fill it out on our phone. You can try it too by clicking HERE.

3. The form sends a copy to the Human Resources Director of the Hospital as well as to the employee, who can also print a copy for the supervisor if they request it.

Since we started using it in May 2016, we have collected 39 ADO forms and we are already identifying common issues among the reports. This will help our safety teams identify solutions and work together with Management to make Tenet Hospitals much safer.